Where you hang out on campus says a lot about how you dress

And you all transform for a night out

Hero fresher raises over £500 shaving his head for charity

‘I just wanted to do my bit’

Rude awakening for freshers as building site disturbs sleep

‘I want to die’

Fresher finds dead body in flat after Christmas

She discovered his legs sticking out of a cupboard

Rachel Donald

Where you sit in a lecture hall says a lot about you

Are you at uni for the work or the parties

Magaluf or Mount Kilimanjaro? Re-think your lads/girls holiday plan

Actually do something impressive with your summer

Childreach International

Napier can’t catch a break on YikYak

Everyone at Edinburgh is just so pleasant

Crimewave hits Napier halls

West Byrson targeted by thieves

Edinburgh uni students make racist dig at Napier

Our international reputation precedes itself…

Parents fear union bar will encourage high school boozing

Napier’s new licensing plans challenged by neighbours

Mandatory ERASMUS too high a price

Students want better funding for exchanges

Get your rat out: Overflowing bins cause rat-infestation in halls

First years sharing with unwelcome neighbours

BREAKING: Morrison Circus evacuated after fresher burns his venison

It’s getting hot in deer…

Cameron Ward and Rachel Donald

Napier creeping up on Cambridge in rankings*

*For student satisfaction

Holly Armour

‘Legendary’ Freshers pub crawl goes beyond fun and actually gets really quite nasty

It was so crowded you could barely get a drink

Holly Armour

Cost of Freshers’ Week reaches staggering £400

Ballin’ doesn’t come cheap

Sarah Rennie

Freshers feel ‘completely let down’ as Napier refuses halls before deadline date

Freshers left stranded after missing unpublicised accommodation ‘guarantee date’

Hannah Ballantyne and Amy Perkins

Hello world!