Ranking the six most unique places to study at Manchester University

Unlucky if you’re a medic stuck at Stopford

Dear students of Manchester University, we are in our fourth week of the first academic semester now and Ali G and the library are both packed already. I don’t know what you first years are playing at. Why you are already spending hours in the library is beyond me. For most of you, your first year doesn’t even count. Trust us, you’ll spend long enough in the hell hole that is Blue 2  in the future.

We thought it about time to rank the coolest (and most underrated) buildings you can study in here. Now that we have all got a rough bearing of where in hell we are being taught, see if you know the elite buildings listed below, and if you don’t, then get to know. Based off of nothing but popular statistics, the buildings are ranked in order of their elite vibes.

As an expert of coolness at the University of Manchester, this list is the only one you should give a damn about. I’ll be surprised if you disagree but if you do, let us know!

6. Samuel Alexander building

Starting off we have Sam Alex at number six. This Roman inspired building gives off an edgy energy with its cream-coloured pillars and carved writing on its frontier. This 8th century inspired building is filled with a maze of rooms that are normally empty (perfect place for a zoom call which you have too much social anxiety to do in Ali G). The twisting corridors and stone steps create the perfect atmosphere for hide and seek or some more educational purposes (if you prefer that vibe) and if you head to the back of the building you’ll be surprised to find the Lime café serving good looks and food (its recovered from previous flooding). This building is definitely one of the most overlooked places on campus and will soon become one of your faves.

5. Stephen Joseph chapel

Coming in strong at fifth place we have the converted chapel located behind the main library. Many of you will have been taught here by now and faced the confusion on approach if this is the correct place for you to be taught. No, unlike Edinburgh University you don’t have to sit on wooden pews in there and the projectors do in fact work. The stained-glass windows add a little je ne sais quois to the lecture experience and the toilets here remain relatively clean…

4. The Engineering Building

At number four we have one of the better-known locations on this list. With its looming black structure and cream courtyard spotted with trees, this building is unmissable. It towers over all that is around it and the number of coloured chairs and computers in there is definitely a winning factor. Although very easy to get lost in, the overall interior aesthetic passes the mark and it has a large number of options to sit down and ‘study’ in. Don’t be intimidated to go if you don’t do engineering, this building is also host to numerous other subjects’ lectures and has an impressive number of unisex toilets to top all of that off along with its own connect café on the second floor.

3. University Place

In third place we have the fondly named ‘tin can’ building. Home to huge lecture halls and 5 lifts, this place is sure to impress. However, have you been to the food hall on the ground floor? Filled with wooden tables and benches along with a wide range of relatively student friendly food vendors this is a go to lunch spot after that hard lecture. Opposite the food hall are more sofas and tables for you to really get your head down with work surrounded by the constant bustle of students coming in and out. If you are feeling extra adventurous, head onto the first floor and find the lounge area (it has colourful bean bags).

2. The Business building

The building which causes the most controversy over exclusivity is none other than the Alliance Business Building. Entry will be rudely refused here if you cannot prove that you study business and you will be forced to head back to Ali G in defeat. However, if you can finesse your way in here, be sure to grab an armchair by the large windows and do what all business students do, people watch your day away.

In an attempt to stay inconspicuous, pictures are out the question so heres me celebrating on a sunny campus. Anyway, if you don’t know what the business school looks like, you don’t deserve to study there.

1. Williamson building

Finally we have reached the top of our list, and it certainly won’t disappoint. The Williamson building sits next to the Tin Can and holds the biggest surprise of all inside. Upon entrance you will be greeted with the skeleton of a huge dinosaur looming over you. The rest of the building is nothing special, but the skeleton does have at least a few real bones in it (the rest is artificially put together to create the effect of what it would have looked like). Although this place has no specific place to study, how much of that are we doing anyway? Give it a visit it’s definitely worthy of your attention.

Regardless of where you’re studying, just don’t be that person with their music too loud, a stinky tuna salad and taking up four seats.

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