In pictures: The End Spiking Now protest that saw thousands take over Manchester

Thousands of students marched through Manchester city centre against a rise in spikings

On Wednesday night organisers say “thousands” of protesters gathered in St Peter’s Square in solidarity with the clubbing boycott taking place across the country.

Following an increase in reported spiking, students have been taking part in actions across cities and campuses.

Starting in St Peter’s Square, protesters marched down Oxford Road and congregated outside Home cinema in Deansgate.

The protest organised by End Spiking Now heard from several speakers about their personal experiences and testimonies of women’s safety.

The campaigners are demanding increased support for victims of spiking both in the venues where it occurs and from healthcare services. This includes having trained staff, on-call medics and designated areas where victims can recover. Their demands also include a zero-tolerance policy for anyone caught spiking, to take complaints seriously and for venues with multiple instances of spiking to lose their licences.

Here’s everything that happened at Manchester’s End Spiking Now on Wednesday:

Students gathered beforehand at the SU for a banner making session

“Thousands” gathered at St Peter’s Square

“Take the man out of Manchester”

The protest then moved through the city centre

Fallowfield Councillor, Jade Doswell was among the speakers

The protest stopped outside HOME for speeches

Student Serena Jemmett, also spoke on behalf of Resist Rape Culture

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