Cast your vote today and have your say on how the SU is run

Students also have a chance to elect SU part-time officers

Voting opened today in the University of Manchester SU’s democracy review referendum as well as the part-time officer and NUS delegate elections.

Voting is open here to all UoM students until midday on Thursday.

Currently, the SU is run by eight paid full-time executive officers, supported by several unpaid part-time officers.

Following a democracy review of the SU, two new proposals for how the SU is run, have now been submitted for students to vote on.

Proposal one would see the full-time executive Postgraduate, International and Women’s officers all abolished, with four new full-time officers including a Humanities, Research, Science & Engineering and a Biology, Medicine & Health officers all introduced.

In this proposal, part-time officers which include the Trans, Women’s, LGBT and BME officers would all remain unpaid but be tasked with running their own ‘associations’ for their relevant group.

Proposal two instead reduces the number of full-time paid executive positions from eight to six but the ten part-time officers would all also receive a salary.

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