Flooding on Oxford Road shuts down swathes of UoM campus

The flooding has cancelled teaching and Freshers’ events

This morning at 8:30 a water main burst on Oxford Road causing severe flooding, travel disruptions and temporarily shutting off water supplies in the area.

The floods have shut down most of the University of Manchester campus on Oxford Road. Buildings currently shut include the Sam Alex Building, the Main Library, Alan Gilbert Building, Student Services Centre, Whitworth Hall, Mansfield Cooper, John Owens and the Students’ Union.

The university has now advised students to “avoid these buildings and the immediate area around them.”

Teaching and Freshers’ events due to take place in these buildings have been postponed or cancelled.

The Sports and Societies fair due to take place today has now been moved to the Armitage Centre in part but will also be rescheduled for a new date next week.

Greater Manchester Police say Oxford Road will be closed for most of the day. The Uni has not yet commented on when their buildings will reopen.

Police have cordoned off Oxford Road between Booth Street West and Grafton Street, not letting any cars or people pass. Uni buildings can still be reached by going along the side streets by Sam Alex and Vaughan House.

Student cards can still be collected from the Atrium. The Wellfest is taking place next to University Place. The University Language Centre Academic Success programme will be online. Meetings with academics in the area, campus tours and the Food Market have all been cancelled.

Buses are still running along the Wilmslow Road, but are on diversion once they approach the uni.

United Utilities, the company that owns the water main, have contacted residents in the area to say that the water supplies should be restored, but water pressure might not work perfectly.

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