There’s been a ‘terrifying rise in antisemitism in Manchester’, charity says

Jewish residents are ‘concerned for their safety’

CW: Antisemitic abuse and sexual assault

A charity has said there’s been a “terrifying rise in antisemitism in Manchester”, with Jewish residents saying they are “concerned for their safety”.

Recent weeks have seen a worrying spike in antisemitism across the UK. Today The Community Security Trust, a charity that seeks to protect Jews from antisemitism, reported a 450 per cent increase in antisemitic incidents in the past 11 days compared to the 11 preceding days with CST stating “it is almost certainly an undercount”.

It comes as four men were arrested for an antisemitic incident in North London after shouting abuse including, “F*** the Jews…. F*** their mothers, rape their daughters.”

Several incidents have also been reported in Manchester, CST told The Tab: “We have had a number of antisemitic incidents reported from Greater Manchester in the past ten days that appear to be linked to reactions to the conflict in Israel and Gaza.

“Some of these incidents have involved people driving round Jewish neighbourhoods deliberately targeting Jewish passers-by with shouts of ‘Free Palestine’ or waving Palestinian flags in a clear attempt to intimidate and harass Jewish people on the street.”

At universities across the country, Jewish societies have similarly reported a rise in antisemetic abuse on campus.

Binyomin Gilbert, Programme Manager at Campaign Against Antisemitism, said: “We are witnessing a terrifying rise in antisemitism in Manchester, leaving local Jewish residents concerned for their safety.

“It is extraordinary that in 2021 we are seeing marauding teenagers at a shopping centre, antisemitism rife on social media, protests targeting Jewish institutions and neighbourhoods and reports of violence against Jews and their property.

“We have been assisting victims around the country and we call on police and politicians to act now to stem the tide of anti-Jewish hatred before it escalates even further.”

If you’d like to report an incident of antisemtism to CST you can do so via their website or calling their regional Manchester office at 0161 792 6666.

If you’d like to report an incident to the police then call 101 for non-emergencies or 999 in an emergency.

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