Booking library spots is like queuing for concert or festival tickets so here’s where to study at UoM

And our top tips for securing a spot

How many infuriating moments have you spent this year trying to get a Main Library or Ali-G space booked?

How many times were you in front of your laptop for an hour waiting for the library website to unfreeze just so you could spend a couple of hours inside a dark building?

Right now it’s nearly impossible to get a space on campus, so here are my best study-spot hacks.

Set a reminder

Set a reminder on your phone to remind you to book library spaces on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Bookings now open at 9am!

Make sure you check the website several times, in case spaces free up throughout the day.

Avoid peak times

Try to go early in the morning when the library and Ali-G are emptier. Even if they’re full when you get there, don’t be discouraged! See it as a change of scenery and try somewhere else.

Avoid the library when it’s fullest, usually 2pm. If you like studying later in the day, most people leave around 5pm, so there are more walk-in bookings available.

Branch out

Try to book different libraries across campus, it’s a good chance to discover new places, like the SU, Joule or Kantorowich library. It’s nice to switch up venues sometimes.

If you feel adventurous, try Central library or the libraries in Withington, Chorlton or Didsbury, they might be worth the shot!

Joule Library

From Monday 17th, cafes will be open indoors, so if that’s your vibe, try the Whitworth gallery cafe near campus, or Takk, Pret à Manger or Cafe Nero on University Green.

You can also take your pick of the cafes in town!

Whitworth Cafe

Cancel your bookings

Finally, try to just book the library when you intend to go and make it easier for everyone by remembering to cancel your bookings if you end up not going. If we all do it, it should get easier.

Ali G

These tips are here to support you during exam season, so if you need a change of scenery from studying at home, take your pick. And, most importantly, good luck with exams and deadlines!