Andy Burnham re-elected Mayor as Labour wins across Manchester

Labour ‘bucked the trend in Manchester’

Andy Burnham has been re-elected in a landslide as Mayor of Greater Manchester with 67.3% of the vote, an increase of 4% from when he last stood in 2017.

The convincing result for Burnham appears far better than those seen for Labour across much of the country, as results continue to trickle in.

One Labour source said: “We’ve clearly bucked the trend in Manchester because people love Andy. I think people respected how he stood up to the government during the pandemic and clearly won a lot of people’s trust.”

One of Burnham’s key policy promises is to bring Manchester’s bus network into public control and to create a “London style” transport network.

In his acceptance speech Burnham thanked all those who voted and promised to continue to be a “voice for all people and all communities” and to challenge the government ” as forcefully as I can”.

In the city council elections, Labour’s vote went up by 6.69% and won 33 out of 34 seats up for election including gaining Didsbury West off the Liberal Democrats.

Fallowfield ward which contains the largest UoM halls saw Labour win with 71% of the vote. Whilst in Withington which also has a large student population, Labour won with 54.2%.

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