Man Met investigating after students made TikTok taking clothes from charity donation bin

The incident is believed to have happened on MMU’s campus

Manchester Metropolitan University is investigating after a group of people posted a TikTok video showing them taking clothes from a charity donation bin.

Someone posted a video on TikTok of them and their friends rifling through British Heart Foundation clothes donation bins, which are believed to be on the MMU campus.

The video has been taken down from TikTok, but has been circulating on social media.

In the video you can see the people picking up and trying on various items of clothing. They have been widely referred to as students, although it is unclear if they are MMU students.

The video shows off the tags on the clothes, showing they’re from high-end shops. It was reportedly captioned “@ my depop”, leading people to believe that the students were taking the clothes to sell online.

The video also has the “seems a downright shame, seems an awful waste” TikTok audio playing over it.

There are several British Heart Foundation clothes donation bins around the city centre. Anyone can donate clothes, other textiles, books, games or other items to them.

There has been backlash against the group, after the video circulated on social media. Online, their actions have been called “minging”, “morally redundant”, and “shocking and disrespectful”.

An MMU spokesperson has said: “We’re aware of a video on social media relating to clothing donation units on the University campus and are currently investigating further.”

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