AJ Tracey is coming to Platt Fields park today at 4pm

‘Coming to link you lot and shoot some hoops today. Everyone invited just turn up!’

AJ Tracey is coming to Manchester’s Platt Fields park at 4pm today as part of a tour round the country to meet his fans.

He has announced via Instagram and Twitter that he will be travelling round certain cities today including Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol. He will start at Birmingham’s Dale End at 12pm, before then going to Manchester and ending up at Bristol’s Turbo Island at 8pm.

He is “coming to link you lot and shoot some hoops today. Everyone invited just turn up!”

In the video AJ Tracey can be heard saying: “I heard you lot, I’m up early today and on the road today, keep watching my socials. I’m going to let you know what locations I’m at. I’m coming to certain cities. Be ready!”

A fan commented, “I’m seriously debating on coming I legit have been a fan since day one but I’m so small I feel like I won’t even get a chance to go near you & get my ass kicked at basketball lmao”.

He has also posted a video of a van with “AJ Tracey Flu Game” and “Revenge Athletic” written on it, to which he also said: “look out for the van”.

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