Manchester Uni made as much money as Man United and City football clubs combined in 2019

The uni made over £1 BILLION

In 2018-19, the University of Manchester made more than £1 billion – which amounts to the revenue of both Manchester City and Manchester United football clubs combined.

According to The Guardian: “In 2018-19 Manchester City FC had revenues of £535.2m. Manchester United had £627m. The University of Manchester made more than £1bn – not far short, in other words, of the combined income of the city’s two global sporting brands”.

It’s not clear how much money Manchester Uni has made since the 2018-19 year cited by The Guardian.

This year, students signed up for a blended learning experience which promised a mixture of online and in person teaching.

Students are paying £9,250 for mostly online learning, with many courses being run completely online. As it stands, students have been told not to return to uni until February unless they have in person exams.

The university has said: “Unless you are on an exempt programme, or you have specific personal circumstances, you should not return to university”.

The Guardian article observed “like most universities, Manchester relies on income from overseas students”. At Manchester, like many other unis, international students pay significantly higher fees.

For instance, international medical students at Manchester pay £27,000 for years one and two of their studies. An English Literature degree from Manchester costs international students £19,5oo per year. This is compared to tuition fees for home students, which is £9,250 per annum.

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