Meet MSG’s new channel with Twitch: Manchester Streaming Group

‘More than ever, online communities are the closest we get to sharing experiences’

Manchester Students’ Group has recently created a new channel on the live streaming platform, Twitch, called Manchester Streaming Group.

The channel has been created as a result of the struggles students have been facing amid the coronavirus pandemic, as so to “provide a space where students can tune in together and fill the evenings by watching friends stream live, in a custom built local studio”.

Design credit: Inez Hickman @inezmaiah

The creators of the channel told The Manchester Tab: “It’s been a month of tension in the city, and students are isolated in student accommodation, away from their families.

“I know many resent the fact they feel they have been mis-sold the ‘university experience’ this year, especially as fees have remained the same. This has been further exacerbated by the fact that students have seen the tremendous effort universities have taken to shift learning online, but not much in the way of facilitating life outside lectures.

“The best part of the university experience is a sense of purpose, contributing and interacting with your community, and, most importantly, meeting and communicating with new people. We just aren’t experiencing this at the moment.”

The channel will be divided into four sections: Mind Matters, Gamer Gang, Twitch Talks and Fallowfield’s Finest. Combined, the sections offer talks, meditations, entertainment and much more, as so to try to help support students through such challenging times.

Design credit: Inez Hickman @inezmaiah

Student mental health has suffered severely as a result of the pandemic. The organisers hence hope that this channel will offer support in the form of a creative output and community for students. The creators told the Manchester Tab: “Mental health is a growing worry amongst the student demographic at the moment. The nights are long, cold and boring, and workload is increasing.

“We wanted to build something everyone could be a part of, either as a creator or a viewer. We can’t solve any of the deep rooted issues this year has brought. But we’ve seen that now, more than ever, online communities are the closest we get to sharing experiences, and anything that combats isolation and simulates the uni experience is, in our eyes, worth pursuing. For that reason, MSG is hosting a platform on Twitch.

“We hope by showcasing the creativity and skill of the people, this will not only boost recognition of creators that deserve it, but also give us something to tune into together.” 

Design credit: Inez Hickman @inezmaiah

The channel will run from 7pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays, with the first broadcast this Saturday 14th November.

To support the channel, students can follow Manchester Streaming Group on Twitch. Donate to their favourite streamers, and subscribe to the channel, in which 10 per cent of all subscriptions will go to MIND charity.

A custom studio has been created for students to use who want to get involved. To to be involved in the channel as an artist, you can submit an application here.

Manchester Streaming Group website, here.

If you have been affected by the contents of this article, Manchester mental health support services are available here, such as 42nd Street or CALM.

Anyone can contact Samaritans FREE any time from any phone on 116 123, even a mobile without credit. This number won’t show up on your phone bill. Or you can email [email protected] or visit to find details of your nearest branch, where you can talk to one of our trained volunteers face to face. 

Feature image design credit to: Inez Hickman @inezmaiah

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