Manchester students are ‘in intensive care’ due to Covid-19

Over 1,000 UoM students have been confirmed as testing positive for the virus

A number of Manchester students with coronavirus are being treated in hospital, with some in intensive care.

A medic told the Manchester Evening News that some of the students are “getting quite ill”.

This comes after the news of over 1,000 Manchester students being confirmed as having tested positive for coronavirus.

The medic, who works within the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, has warned students not to not to take coronavirus lightly as it can affect anyone, even those who are young and healthy. They said: “Coronavirus can affect all ages, it doesn’t discriminate.”

The medic says many with Covid are likely to recover, however “a small proportion will get very unwell and we are seeing that with both older and younger people.

“Some youngsters in their early 20s and even 19 year olds are getting quite ill with Covid and some are requiring intensive care and higher levels of care.”

Despite the universities within Manchester having moved teaching mostly online, due to the city having become the Covid-19 hotspot of England, the medic has warned students: “Coronavirus can affect all ages, it doesn’t discriminate”.

The cases of coronavirus in Manchester are highest in the city’s student suburbs, and the health chief told Manchester Evening News that: “Most of those affected are living in university halls of residence and most are asymptomatic”.

At the University of Manchester, since 21st September, 20 members of UoM staff and 1,041 students have been confirmed as testing positive for coronavirus. At MMU, it has been reported that “more than 500 staff and students” have tested positive and there “could be more”.

The medic told the Manchester Evening News: “You’re more likely to become ill if you have underlying health conditions but it can affect young, fit people who think they are invincible”.

The medic has advised that students maintain social distancing guidelines, continue to wash their hands, but also “be aware of your mental health”.

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