We spoke to the UoM student who wanted to start a Fallowfield TikTok house

He’s already been contacted by potential sponsors

A University of Manchester graduate announced on FSG yesterday that he was “looking to set up a TikTok house” in Manchester.

George Needham is a UoM Physics graduate whose post claimed: “I am a strong INFLUENCER and looking for other INFLUENCER friends to hang out with.”

However, the post wasn’t quite as it seemed. George said to The Manchester Tab: “Never leave the room with Facebook open.”

The post itself stated: “My current friends aren’t Insta famous enough.

“I am really trying to grow my #NEEDHAM brand and social media space.”

There was also a list of requirements for those that were interested in joining George in his TikTok house: “MUST have over 100K Insta followers.

“MUST be interested in doing TIK TOK dances with me

“MUST follow me on Twitter

“MUST love the Siren beat as much as me.”

A number of people interested in living in the house have actually contacted George, however, given that the post was made by his friend Andy Bees on his behalf, he’s ignored most.

He also said to The Manchester Tab: “Someone saying that they’re from Zavvi [messaged him] asking if I’m interested in ‘gifted products to use in my content creation’.

“It’s quite funny imagining me doing sponsored content to my pitiful number of Insta followers so a bit of me hopes they’re legit.

“If people want to send me free stuff I’m not going to say no!”

Andy Bees, who made the post, said to the Manchester Tab: “We’re both working from home, I went to his desk to chat to him. He wasn’t there so I saw an opportunity and took it.”

George (left) and Andy (right)

When asked about George’s reaction to it, Andy said: “I think deep down he loves the fame.

“I’m expecting him to launch a promising SoundCloud career off the back of this.”

George has said that he is “100%” going to get revenge on Andy, so watch this space.

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