Manchester student vows to send racist comments in FSG to uni and places of work

She posted in FSG warning people that she’d be ‘outing yall’

An MMU student has promised that she will be reporting users who are commenting overtly racist, homophobic, islamophobic or transphobic things on FSG to their university or place of work.

KT Cooper, who graduated from MMU last summer having studied English Literature and History is returning this year for a masters. She posted in FSG on Tuesday afternoon stating that she has “had enough of people thinking they can say what they want with no repercussions.”

KT said to The Manchester Tab: “people think they can say anything from behind a screen, and 99% of the time they get away with it with no repercussions.”

KT’s FSG post

In her post, KT stated: “From now on, I’ll be screenshotting hateful comments and sending them to your place of work or uni.

“I understand debate perfectly and I will not be ‘snitching’ on everyone with a different opinion to me, just the ones being overtly hateful.”

She explained to The Manchester Tab: “I’m definitely not like scrolling through every post looking to ruin people’s lives.

“If I see it on my feed, it gets reported.

“I ain’t tryna be no superwoman.”

Her reasoning for doing this, she said to The Manchester Tab is: “I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff on Facebook to do with racism and the BLM movement and an overwhelmingly large majority is positive.

“This being said, on every post there’s someone arguing, making incendiary comments, or even as bad as all out racial slurs and stereotypes.

“It angers me seeing this and knowing these people think they can say anything from behind a screen.

“I by no means see myself as judge, jury n education and I see it as directing the university/companies attention to something I think they’ll also disagree with.”

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