In pictures: 30,000 people protest in Manchester for Black Lives Matter

This weekend’s pictures from Manchester’s Black Lives Matter protests

Two protests for Black Lives Matter took place in the centre of Manchester this weekend.

These were as a result of the death of George Floyd in Minnesota two weeks ago, which has caused an outbreak of demonstrations across America, and the world. Such demonstrations are protesting the systematic discrimination and racism towards black communities globally.

A spokesperson for one of the Manchester protests said: “The environment was peaceful, everyone being considerate of one another and hence there was an even stronger sense of power and unity. It was an honour to be a part of.”

Saturday’s event took place at 1pm starting at Piccadilly Gardens. Sunday’s event was at 2pm at St. Peter’s Square.

A spokesperson for @manchestermarch said to The Manchester Tab: “Honestly, I just hope people understand that black lives matter now, forever and always.”

“0161 says racism can do one”

Image: @flotwaite

Image: @flotwaite

One protester reflected: “I didn’t see a single police officer whilst protesting and I am proud of Manchester for that. They respectfully just left us to the protest and did not cause any tension.”

Image: @flotwaite

“You cannot enjoy the rhythm and ignore the blues”

Image: @flotwaite

Image: @flotwaite

A @manchestermarch spokesperson said to The Manchester Tab: “It shouldn’t take you having a black friend to believe that black lives matter- it should take some basic HUMAN solitude”

Image: @jiren.93

“Gianna, your daddy changed the world”

Featured image via: @farristagram

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