FSG Presents Blind Dating is here to fill the Love Island shaped hole in our lives

It’s also going to pay the rent and the WiFi costs of the winners!


It was announced by FSG on Monday that they are going to be streaming a blind dating extravaganza into the group very soon. On top of being given the opportunity to potentially find love, the students of Fallowfield are also being given the chance to win a months rent and the cost of WiFi for a whole year!

FSG Presents Blind Dating is undeniably the best thing to have happened to Manchester students since Boombox Barry.

FSG admin, Farris Ramzy has said to The Manchester Tab: “The applications we’ve got so far are brilliant so I’m excited to see how it turns out.

“We might even get to see our second FSG wedding…”

According to the post, “one lovely girl and three charming lads” will be selected to appear on the programme. In order to be chosen you need to impress the FSG moderators with your answers to their questionnaire. So it looks like it’s finally time to crawl out of bed, take a shower for the first time in eight weeks and get creative.

The programme itself will be streamed in FSG purely for the entertainment of all of the members. It will include each of the three boys “trying their hand to woo the female with their best chat up lines, weirdest flexes and edgiest music tastes,” followed by the girl choosing her winner.

We anticipate that FSG Presents Zoom Blind Dating is set to smash Love Island, Too Hot To Handle and Love Is Blind’s total audience viewing figures out of the park.

The prizes of rent and WiFi are being funded by The Bunch and Housr. Set up by recent graduates, The Bunch simplifies the struggles of student living by handing the setup and management of your household’s Gas, Electricity, Water, Broadband and TV Licence. Housr is an up and coming student housing platform. It resembles a tinder-esk search process; simplifying the way you find & manage your home, away from home.

Housr have commented “We cannot wait to see how it turns out & also give back to our fellow students! This is just the start of a very exciting set of upcoming events for Housr & FSG!”

Farris has said that he and the FSG moderators came up with the idea as a result of the fact that “life is a little on the dull side at the moment,” and so they wanted to find a way to “entertain people at home.”

He went on to say “one of the mods, Tarek, came up with the idea of a blind date, seeing as theres not much chance of real dating at the moment.” (PSA: It is acceptable to cry at this point if lockdown has halted your constant stream of Tinder dates and AU pick ups from coming home with you.)

Finally Farris added “plus we thought everyone could do with free rent at the moment.” I’ll certainly drink to that.

So, if you’re ready to be Fallowfield famous, find love and have your rent paid for, then it is time to behave a little less like the lockdown gremlin that you have become and to think of some outrageous and distinctive answers to the questionnaire.

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