International Coronavirus support platform launched by Manchester students

CoronaUnity is set to become the UK’s leading student response to coronavirus


An international coronavirus support platform called CoronaUnity has been launched by students from the University of Manchester.

CoronaUnity is a non-profit organisation founded in Manchester that has since become an international online community.

The organisation was set up to provide support to those in need during the coronavirus crisis through the services run on the CoronaUnity website.

CoronaUnity was co-founded by James Augustin, a PPE student at the University of Manchester.

James said that; “I felt the reality of the pandemic early on. My mum has a chronic lung condition and I think that vulnerability pressed home the seriousness of the situation. I wanted to create a platform that would help millions in every way possible and keep developing until the effects of the pandemic are long gone.”

The CoronaUnity homepage

CoronaUnity has been active for a month and is receiving increasing media attention, including James Augustin’s live interview on BBC Radio Manchester on the 17th of April.

CoronaUnity has 30 student volunteers from the University of Manchester out of over 100 volunteers in the UK and abroad, with representatives on each continent.

The organisation aims to become a leading platform in providing easy access to information and support to those in need, particularly through partnership with existing mutual aid services.

The organisation recently launched the PhoneAFriend service on their website that matches isolated people, especially the elderly, with volunteer callers.

Commenting on the scheme, James Augustin said; “One beautiful thing we are starting to see is that we are bridging the inter-generational gap”.

The team is also working to extend the service to care homes, including a partner care home in Yorkshire.

The newest feature on the website is the Community hub, where positive news and videos will be shared to provide entertainment to the public.

In their press release statement, CoronaUnity stated; “We will also be releasing additional services in the future that continue to work alongside community groups that are already doing incredible things for those suffering due to Covid-19. With many more people likely to be affected by the current pandemic, the UK must pull together as a community – now more than ever.’’

CoronaUnity is open to volunteers.


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