20 Fallow-fashion things to do in the Coronavirus lockdown

The sesh lives on in the comfort of your Surrey home

Whether back in your swanky Surrey home or stuck in the depleted land of Fallow, in your fourth week of lockdown, you may have exhausted your isolation activities. From getting day drunk, waking up hungover and then jumping straight back on the K ciders or Fosters, or sitting in your bed staring at an essay, telling yourself that in having written your name and the question title, that you have made a strong start… We have curated a list of possible Fallow-certified lockdown activities to save you from your boredom.

Build a den

You’re lying to yourself if you deny that this activity does not get your pulse racing – your inner child is in sugar-high ecstasy.

Download Club Penguin

Because you can be a member for free?! Need I say more?! Oh and apparently fallow love meeting up on the iceberg to tip it – such fun?

Play card games (aka ring of fire with yourself)

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned game of cards, where the loser storms off in a huff and won’t speak to you for hours?

Or better yet, play Ring of Fire with only yourself or just one other person – what could go wrong?


If you’re fortunate enough to be isolating with your other half (or simply another flatmate who is desperate for some action), then why not boost those happy endorphins?

Workout / run

Pretty much the same as the one above – although considerably less enjoyable. However, for someone who hasn’t run since they were 13, I (shock horror) have quite enjoyed running around Birchfields.


Yes, it’s here, the seven day free trial in which you can binge all things Disney and Pixar to your heart’s content. From screeching along to the new Lion King to sobbing your eyes out again to Up, you can release your inner child once more.

Cut your boyfriend’s hair

It will end in him looking like he has bald patches but will provide some high-quality entertainment (and a tantrum). Clearly I should not quit my day job.


And no, I do not mean your set texts or anything to do with uni (though if you’re finding that motivation then hats off to ya) – find the time to read books you ACTUALLY WANT TO (shocker), as now is one of the rare times you are able. Even if its just to go through all The Tab Manchester’s site and re-read all our insightful and educational articles (heads up we have an article full of eye candy incoming).

Take up photography

Because did you really live in Fallow unless you have some indie Instagram photography page? And is there really any more of an iconic site than The Tower in all its sun-lit glory?

Re-learn a language

Surprised you all with a slightly more academic one – however, if you’re like me, and as soon as you did your GCSE in whatever language, took 2 seconds for it to all fall back out your brain, then now might be a nice time to refresh your memory. Duolingo is free and actually quite fun to use.

Cook or bake – and no, supernoodles do not count

Now has never been a better time to learn how to cook. To all you Fallow-ers who rinsed Sainsbury’s pasta aisle pre-lockdown – SHAME ON YOU! Not only is your lack of consideration for the wider community abysmal, but your culinary skills leave a lot to be desired. Get online or buy a cook book and learn how to make something other than beans on toast or spaghetti Bolognese.

Go for a walk

Walks happen to be my personal favourite over the more active exercise form of running. Going for a walk (whilst keeping that social distance), is so important as it a) means you get some (manageable) exercise  b) fresh air and c) space, so that you don’t go mad with whoever you are in lockdown with.

Clean the house (for once in your life)

Without wanting to reinforce the sexist stereotype that women love cleaning – I do indeed love cleaning. The therapeutic nature of hoovering a student house carpet and watching its colour literally transform and lighten a whole 10 shades before my own eyes really gets me going – what can I say?

Plan where you want to go on holiday after this is all over

Because if you’ve been stuck in Manchester like me, with a garden smothered in weeds which has never seen the light of day, then you’ll be desperate for a bit of sun. So get planning a holiday to look forward to and work towards.

BBC iPlayer

I am a TV series obsessive, so here are a few of my all-time favourites: Killing Eve, Fleabag, The Nest, Line of Duty, Thirteen, Gold Digger, Race Across the World, Our Girl, Silent Witness, The Split, The Capture.

ITV Player

And again… Belgravia, Liar, Agatha Christie’s Marple and Poirot (it’s a crime if you haven’t already seen these), Lewis, Vera.


I think we’ve all probably watched the entirety of Netflix’s content by now.

Sit in your dingy student house basement, rave lights on, reminiscing about all the many seshes it has seen

The fallen-in ceiling – a testament to the greatness of the seshes that have passed.

Themed nights

  • Pizza night with a Disney series binge
  • Ratatouille night – where you make Ratatouille and watch Ratatouille (because why not?)
  • Fish and Chips night
  • Mexican night (my personal favourite) – where you make loaded nachos, burritos and drink tequila cocktails until you pass out

Cos no Fallow-girl is complete without an avocado

  • Pub quiz night
  • Cheese and wine night (because all us Fallow-ers are posh at heart and can’t deny it)
  • Home picnic – minimal effort and who doesn’t love a good sandwich?
  • Spa night – because self-care evenings are vital.

And yes that is three face masks – I am that level of extra

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