UoM internet is down this weekend

IT are updating the network

The wifi across uni is down today as the university IT department works to update the network. They announced the planned maintenance on the 2nd of March in a tweet.

Disruptions are supposed to take place between 10AM and 6PM on Saturday the 7th and between 8AM and 6PM on Sunday the 8th. These are set to affect both wired and wireless connections.

An announcement over the library Tannoy at around 3:30PM however indicated that the issues are expected to last all day. This was later rectified at 16:53, and it was confirmed the issues would be solved by 6PM.

Tab research indicates that the wifi at Main Library is currently non-functional. Other sites around campus may still be receiving intermittent service.

Students have been advised to use mobile hotspots and tether from their phones in the meantime.