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These are the best dressed at AU this week and they’re stunning

One of them is literally wearing fairy lights

We all know what AU's about… drinking… heavily. AND trying not to get with that coursemate/teammate/housemate/flatmate who you obviouslyyyy do NOT fancy. (Just kidding, I know you do.)

Last nights AU did not have a theme, so here are some pictures of some lovely fallow boys and gals enjoying their night.

AU last night was a bit of a mad one. Here are some pictures of some lovely UOM students enjoying their Wednesday night at 256:

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Let's start off with these cuties. We met this guy at a second year house party in Sem 1, what a lad for actually wearing sportswear to AU.

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Probably the best pic from last night. What a glowing QUEEN! #GoUMCcheer.

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Big smiles all round from this Holly Court trio!

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Even the bouncers were looking cute AF. Nice lil go pro as an extra accessory too xo 😉 Always good to be creative when it comes to club security.

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Is this guy dressed as a convict or as a pizza express chef?? I'm not exactly sure… Either way it seemed these two were having fun. Beci (giving the middle finger in the background) said they were hanging onto each-other like sloths.

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Can't go wrong with a bit of Fred Perry. Lacrosse did pub golf last night #LAXLOVE! Unfortunately, despite being a fellow lacrosse gal, I decided to not partake as I am too *cough* broke for a bar crawl.

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These three are super cute.

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Nice DIY Oak House buzzcut Fred! Carys looks like she's loving life… Andy mate, not so much.

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Drunk me took pics of these girls at the start of the night and then proceeded to forget and took pics of them again later on…

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PROOF (with a nice lil gang sign from the geezer photo-bombing them).

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Go listen to Max's tunes on spotify @MaxArmfield (cheeky promo).

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Another one because this trio's pics are so cute and it looks like they're having so much fun.

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Stop looking so pretty Emily!!

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I asked these lads what I should caption their picture, their response was 'gang shit'. Classic UOM.

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These girls said that their outfits rhymed with their names. Think they were Emily egg and Rosie roadman. Sorry if I got your names wrong girls, like everyone else last night I was fairlyyyy drunk.

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*Damian from Mean Girls voice* THEY DON'T EVEN GO HERE! Loving how the bouncers popped back up again.

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Here's a pic of my flatmate and his ex's sister OOF very awkward!

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And here's a cheeky pic of Beci and I to finish it all off!