Best Dressed at AU: Crimbo Edition

10s 10s 10s across the board

It just isn't Christmas without bus-loads of sporty bois and gals descending upon the SU, decked out in Santa hats and the fairy lights once adorning their bedrooms as a substitute for their personality. With only one week left to go of the semester, many of us feel absolutely done in with our 9am seminars and never-ending deadlines. We just want a night to unwind and flex our festive fancy dress. Is that too much to ask? Thank our Christmas stars that the AU has answered our prayers. Here's some of the best looks spotted in Club Academy this week.

Kate, 4th year, Biology & Abi, 4th year, Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction

Image may contain: Fashion, Evening Dress, Gown, Robe, Room, Apparel, Clothing, Wood, Indoors, Interior Design, Human, Person

Fairytale of Fallowfield

Lily, 2nd year, Zoology

Image may contain: Skirt, Female, Robe, Evening Dress, Gown, Fashion, Costume, Sleeve, Pants, Footwear, Shoe, Person, Human, Apparel, Clothing

Oh bow she didn't

Oscar, 1st year, Medicine

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Category is.. Wrapping paper realness

Hattie, 3rd year, International Business & Zoe, 2nd year, Physics

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It wouldn't be AU without having 3 drinks in one go

Kally, 3rd year, Neuroscience

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Christmas Tree couture

Paddy, 3rd year, History and Economics

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Stealing Christmas since 2k19

Ruby, Tia and Emma, 2nd year, Geography

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Au's gained another 3 Angels

Anna, 1st year, Chemistry

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Grab this elf a shelf

Charlie, 3rd year, Medicine

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Herding sheep by day; Guiding you to the baaaa by night

Liv, 4th year, Spanish and Business Management

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