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These are the 10 best offers you’ll get in Fallowfield

Yes, Fizzy Friday is one of them

Aren't you tired? Exhausted? Depleted?

It isn't easy applying for every grad scheme under the sun, trying to get an internship with bloody Google and drowning in a sea of exams and coursework… not to even mention volunteering.

The list is endless.

And the last thing you need to be doing right now, is having to worry about that dollar.

But worry no more. With Fallow's top 10 hottest offers, you can splash that cash, and forget all about finding a Sugar Daddy.

1. Fizzy Friday at 256 & Friendship Inn

Fridays you need to give yourself a break. So why not grab a bottle of bubbly with your besties for just a tenner at 256!

I know what you are thinking. Friday night. Worried it'll be too busy?

If you get there and it's too packed inside, the offer is also on just down the road at Friendship Inn on Friday's for £12.99. Bargain.

2. Fwendsdays at The Deaf Institute

This one really is a winner winner chicken dinner… Treat a friend on a Wednesday by buying one meal getting one completely free!

Not to mention, their £2 pints and Happy Hour from 4-7 PM with £5 cocktails and £10 Bottles of house wine, which could also seal the deal!

3. Buy One Get one Free at The Deaf Institute

If that's still not enough to impress you, The Deaf Institute have more.

Yes, with an NUS card, it's buy one get one free on food ALL THE TIME until the end of October.

4. Wetherspoons first ever vegan burger

Vegan's, we have exciting news for you.

Wetherspoon branches now (finally) added their first ever vegan burger to their menu. Vegans will get the choice of both a vegan burger and a gourmet vegan burger.

And it doesn't stop there. They also have Vegan friendly cooked breakfast's (eek!)

5. Happy Mondays at The BAR

We all miss The Font. It will forever in our hearts.

But, lets not mourn too quickly. Mondays just got better.

Why? Because The BAR have Happy Mondays ALL DAY!

This means Happy Hour is never ending on a Monday. We like this.

It is also Happy hour 7-10 pm and 2-4-1 cocktails on a Saturday night from 10-12 am. We approve.

Start your Monday right.. Enjoy our Espresso Martini’s – Absolut Vanilla, Tia Maria & a Shot of espresso in a chilled…

Posted by Bar Fallowfield on Monday, October 7, 2019

6. New Zealand Wines

Classic New Zealand Wines

Only one question is needed.

Can you really go wrong with two bottles of wine for a fiver before you hit 42's?

7. Pub Quiz at Friendship Inn

We love Friendship Inn. If you are looking for something cheap to do with your mates on a Sunday evening, we got you.

Every Sunday, Friendship do a pub quiz completely free of charge.

So you can chill out with the squad and you don't even have to spend a penny…

Unless you want a drink or two. (That's everyone, right?)

8. Wednesdays & Thursdays at Joshua Brooks

Looking for a cheap night out?

Maybe Hidden and The White Hotel just seem too much of a trek for you this week.

With Josha Brook's ON THE LOW Thursdays and TEMPO Wednesdays, you can buy drinks from just £2.00, and early bird tickets from just £3 via Fatsoma.

?? C O C K T A I L S ??2 FOR £8.00 // ALL DAY // EVERYDAY

Posted by Joshua Brooks on Sunday, October 6, 2019

9. Good old Squirrels Bar (Aww!)

If you don't like squirrels anymore, you are pretending. You are lying to yourself.

Many third years think they're too cool for Squirrels but Squirrels will be forever in our hearts.

With just £2 glass of cocktail or £6 for a pitcher , you really can't go wrong.

Come down to Squirrel’s tonight for our Fallowfield famous cocktails! £2 a glass or £6 a pitcher!

Posted by Squirrel's Bar on Monday, October 7, 2019

John isn't complaining when he's absolutely schwasted after spending £10 at squirrels, and you've already spent £20 in Northern Quarter and you are still sober…

10. Nayaab Buffet Restaurant

Stressed? Can't be bothered cooking? Or, maybe you just can't cook…

Either way you can grab an all you can eat Indian for just £9.99.

Sounds better than cheese beans on toast, cereal or typical pesto pasta to me…

Not to mention this is a fantastic offer by Nayaabs considering they are also a finalist for The Food Awards England 2019!

#Nayaab #NayaabBuffet #NayaabRestaurant #BuffetRestaurantOfTheYear #FoodAwards

Posted by Nayaab Buffet Restaurant on Sunday, September 29, 2019