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Fallowfield’s beloved businesses we’ve had to say goodbye to forever


Since 2012, Manchester Council have been cracking down on the number of bars in Fallowfield.

Now Fallow as we remember it is dramatically changing, existing now only in our memory.

1. Cubo

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Despite rumours to the contrary, the Cubo ownership have reassured us that "It will be here for a long time to come" and we are glad that we can all enjoy our favourite easy night out until at least 2021!

The venue is currently for sale on Rightmove. Months ago, it was on the market for £210,000, yet now it has plummeted down to £95,000. Events are still taking place for the foreseeable future.

2. Fallow Café

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Pls don't take away Fallows favourite pancakes

Like Cubo, it seems to be a on-going cycle.

Back in 2013, Fallow Café replaced a bar named TROF.

Now, Fallow Café has been replaced by an independent cafe – HAUS, a bar which appears to sell similar food.

The reason for closure is unknown, however back in August 2017 Fallow Café was given just a one star health rating.

3.The Font Fallowfield

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Bye Bye £2 cocktails

In 2008, The Font took over the site, previously occupied by Sofa.

Just over a decade later, our favourite Font branch are the latest to announce they are also closing down.

Many have put this down to "Council interference."

However, The Font Fallowfield told the Manchester Tab that " We shut in December as our lease was up. Instead of renewing our lease, we decided to concentrate on our other Font bars."

The Font has now been replaced and re-branded by The Bar, which also appears to have similar food and cocktails deals – which we like!

4. Antwerp Mansion

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Antwerp Mansion – what once was an icon of UoM and MMU

Similarly, we nearly lost our iconic Antwerp Mansion due to these licensing restrictions and noise complaints.

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The statement that shocked us all

Although Antwerp managed to negotiate with the council and continue host the same events from 7 pm – 11 pm instead of continuing until 3 am, it has never been the same, and these have since petered out in favour of arts events and Antwerp Mansion Presents at the breadshed.

5.Tesco Express

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Tesco bestco

Many were saddened when Fallowfield's Tesco Express closed its doors permanently on October 6th.

Their closure also lead to the shutting down of the post office located inside, as nearest alternatives are in Withington or Burnage.

The reason for closure is unknown. The manager was unavailable on multiple occasions when contacted for comment.

However, the company has been repeatedly criticised for its lack of effort to remove or conceal graffiti on the store's shutters.

Furthermore, back in 2015, the stores ATM malfunctioned and deposited double the amount of cash with each withdrawal. Weeks later, the store announced anyone who withdrew would get to keep the money.

If you are missing your Tesco meal deal, you may be finding yourself having to venture down to Wilmslow Rd or Oxford Rd.

But, at least it's near the library right?

6. Mcdonalds

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Don't take our maccies

Although McDonald's is still open, since 2013 the owner has been fighting to have the store open until 3 am on weekends, 1 am during the week and a late night drive thru.

​The store opening hours are currently 6 am – 12 am.​

These plans have been rejected multiple times by the Manchester council committee who claim it would 'adversely affect the attractiveness of the area' due to increased traffic, noise and litter.​

It was also said that 'students attending all-night parties nearby would ‘pop out to refuel’ in the middle of the night. '​

The Council's increasing restrictions on Fallow's small businesses is putting the future of Fallowfield's iconic nightlife is at stake.

With many bars shutting in Fallow, we may be finding ourselves having to venture further for a night out. Or worse – somewhere to eat.

What’s next? Our beloved Sainos?