Tommy Fury’s ex Millie Roberts is a Chemistry student at Man Met

Do you think she can rap the periodic table

It turns out that Millie Roberts, ex-girlfriend of Love Island finalist Tommy Fury, is currently studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry at Manchester Metropolitan University.

A Man Met student told The Manchester Tab: "I've seen her around the science building, she was in my second year classes too, but yeah – she does Chemistry at Man Met for sure."

Millie's Facebook profile also confirms that she studies Pharmaceutical Chemistry at MMU.

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Millie was rumoured to be entering the villa this year to stir things up between Tommy and Molly-Mae, but sadly we never got to see it happen.

Famously, Millie has been very outspoken about her and Tommy's relationship. First, she revealed that he broke up with her just a few days after meeting with ITV, so he could go on the show.

Then mid-way through the season she posted on her Insta story saying Tommy had lied about them splitting up ten months before the show, when actually they had only split a few months ago.

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Via @millieeroberts

Both Millie and Tommy are Mancunians born and bred, so it would make sense that Millie chose to study so close to home.

This doesn't stop her jetting off to LA and Malibu on the regular though. She's recently been posting vibey pics on her Insta from iconic California and Malibu locations, like any good influencer.

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Via @millieeroberts

Now term has resumed, and she's back in lab coats and protective goggles at Man Met. But even with all that chemistry knowledge, her and Tommy still couldn't stay together.

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