UoM make £239k a year from students who want their grades printed

The university charges £20 for three copies

The University of Manchester has made over half a million pounds since September 2016 charging students for academic transcripts showing module grades.

Future employers, graduate schemes and other universities may require students to provide a transcript of their grades when making an offer. The University of Manchester charges £20 and provides students with three copies for this.

An investigation by The Manchester Tab has revealed the university made a total income of £239,252 from transcript fees in 2017/18 and £218,565 in 2016/17.

£161,083 has been made so far this academic year, until 30th April 2019. The total amount of transcript fees charged between that date and September 2016 is £618,900.

The University of Manchester website says courier delivery is available for an extra £40, while international delivery costs £3 extra. Transcripts can be ordered online or from the Student Services Centre.

Students have free access to digital transcripts, though this not available for all courses and not all employers will accept these.

The information was revealed under the Freedom of Information Act. The Manchester Tab has previously used this process to reveal the University saved over £1 million withholding staff pay during strikes last year and conducts random searches of student bedrooms with drugs sniffer dogs.

The University of Manchester has been contacted for comment.