A machine is giving out FREE Pot Noodles in the SU today

Maybe you’ll actually revise now HUH

Not that you've been on campus at all this week, but if you wanted to make a start today, there's a Pot Noodle vending machine in the University of Manchester Students' Union all day today.

Pot Noodles are all free if you can answer some of the questions on the vending machine. You're going to get judged by a vending machine. Is that what you want? Because that's what you're going to get. How badly do you want a Pot Noodle? Badly enough to leave this booth empty handed, everyone in the library knowing you failed?

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Anyway, if you've done enough revision to pass the noodle metric, there is also a chance to win a months worth of tuition fees if you find a golden ticket at the bottom of the pot, so you can finally stop crying down the phone to your mum begging for cash.

Lena Portchmouth, Brand Manager at Pot Noodle, said: "At Pot Noodle, we’re always looking for new ways to help students make it, encouraging them to reach for their dreams."

"As exam season begins, there’s no better time for us to keep bellies full and brains ticking than with the world’s first revision powered vending machine."

Get yourself to the library, your exam results are literally begging you.