4/20 free party in Fallowfield ends with ravers pooing in people’s gardens

God bless Easter

Everyone celebrates Easter differently, but this weekend (Saturday 20th April, to be exact, interesting right?) hundreds of ravers attended a free party, resulting in reports of defecations at the end of people's gardens.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, local resident Michael Callaghan said: "There were people pulling their pants down and urinating and defecating at the back of the house when I went out to hang my hanging baskets, it's disgusting."

"I do a lot of decorating around here and I saw them weeing against doorsteps I had just painted white."

Michael added: "There was a lot of alcohol and a strong smell of weed." According to Callaghan, there were around 600 people in attendance earlier in the day when he spotted the debacle. Another local resident said there were around 100 ravers at 8pm.

The free party, which exploded into a mess of poo and defecation under Kingsway Bridge in Fallowfield, near Brailsford Road, also left behind a mess of underwear, broken glass, NOS cannisters, and cigarette papers.

The locals are said to have cleared up 35 bags of rubbish.

According to MEN, the rave had a DJ and a full PA system so loud it "shook the neighbouring houses". The event started at 1pm and continued until 11:30, with people whose homes backed onto the event complaining of party-goers urinating and defecating in full view of the back of their houses.

Greater Manchester Police said: "Officers were first called to Fallowfield Loop shortly before 3pm on Saturday afternoon to reports of loud music on the public footpath.

"200 people were at the event at its height, adding that the crowd were 'good-natured' and told officers they would close down by 11pm."

GMP said at it's height, the free party had 200 people in attendance.