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Guess who’s back, back again: Manchester’s Clubbers of the Week

Because the sesh doesn’t stop for exams

Deadlines are upon us but that's no excuse for some as the sesh takes top priority for these nutters. If you've been out in Manchester this week, there's a good chance your wild antics have been immortalised in club photography. Yikes. Better have a scroll through to see if you can find yourself.

Here to capture the best piss-heads in all their glory is Manchester's Clubbers of the Week…

Most shit-faced

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When you thought £1 shots were a good idea… (and don't think we don't see you in the top left – Best Smoulder of the Week goes to you!)

When the music is too good

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Club Liv never disappoint!

The one who pulls for the first time

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vs the one who thinks she has pulled, lol

When you want the camera all to yourself…

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Camera ready!


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Smug much?

Most serious

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Serving looks!


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HBD gal x

When you're clearly punchin'

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His face says it all.

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