Economics students with rescheduled exams will be offered choice of dates

Students can turn up to either date without telling the University

The University of Manchester will allow economics students to choose one of two dates to sit a compulsory exam, after being informed it would be brought forward by almost three weeks.

Students taking the Macroeconomics 2 module received an email informing them of the change "due to unforeseen circumstances". The exam originally scheduled for Friday 31st May will now take place on Monday 13th May.

These students will now have the choice of sitting their exam on 13th May or 28th May. Students taking an Advanced Statistics module, that was also rescheduled, will now be offered an alternate date of 17th May.

Students will not need to tell the University which sitting they plan to attend. Different exam papers will be prepared for each date, though the University said both will equally challenging.

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The University said those students affected will receive "direct communication" to confirm these details.

The email also stated the MyManchester website will not be updated with the changed date.

Mia Edwards, a second-year Politics, Philosophy and Economics student, told The Mancunion hundreds of students will be affected and some will not be in the country on the new date as it is outside the official exam period.

Mia also spoke of the impact on student mental health, saying: "this puts enormous mental strain on all of us".

On Thursday 18th April, a University of Manchester spokesperson said: "The School of Social Sciences and the Exams Office have worked together to find a solution that creates as little disruption as possible for those students affected.

Students studying these modules will be receiving direct communications from the school to confirm these details.

"We would like to apologise again to students for any confusion or anxiety this may have caused as we approach exam season. Students should be reassured that the relevant Boards of Examiners will be made aware of these circumstances and will take them into account as necessary."