University of Manchester to reserve places on nursing degrees for Saudi Arabians

The Saudi Ministry of Education has signed Memorandums with four UK universities

The University of Manchester has agreed to reserve 50 places on nursing and clinical training undergraduate courses for Saudi Arabian students.

The Saudi Ministry of Education signed Memorandums of Understanding with four British universities on Saturday. These memorandums are usually not legally binding and the University of Manchester said "no final arrangements have been made".

Education Minister Dr. Hamad Bin Muhammad Al-Asheikh oversaw the signings.

The University of Birmingham and Queens University Belfast will also reserve 50 places for Saudis, and Kings College London will reserve 30.

The University of Manchester confirmed discussions with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education were currently taking place.

A spokesperson told The Manchester Tab: "Any places offered to Saudi Arabian nursing students would be additional and would in no way impact on the numbers of places at Manchester offered to prospective nursing students from the UK."