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22 per cent of students in Owens’ Park halls last year got 2:2s and honestly, is anyone surprised

Oak House isn’t far behind, either

Ever wondered if there really is a direct correlation between which halls you were in and how well you did in your first year? Through a FOI request, The Manchester Tab can now confirm, yes, there is.

It's no real surprise that Owens' Park and Oak House freshers do the worst in exams, but here you have it in full glorious statistics anyway. Here's a full list of how each student in University of Manchester halls did in the 2018/18 academic year.

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The full data set received from The University of Manchester

Owens' Park

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Even the sunshine doesn't make the tower look any less foreboding

The last students to ever reside in Owen Park tower did as badly as you'd expect in their first year exams. 22 per cent of OP undergraduate residents achieved 2:2s last year, while 36 per cent finished their first year with 2:1s.

Shout out to the 15 per cent who got their heads down and achieved Firsts, that kind of graft cannot be taught.

Sheavyn House

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Sheavyn House students, not quite reclusive enough for Ashburne, not quite cool enough for Oak House.

20 per cent of Sheavyn House got Firsts, possibly because ResLife got called so many bloody times they were forced into silent study. Nearly half (43 per cent) of Sheavyn freshers achieved 2:1s, and a mere 14 per cent got 2:2s.

Ashburne Halls

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Despite being a lot less party-central than Sheavyn, Ashburne residents did less well. 17 per cent of Ashburne freshers got Firsts, 35 per cent achieved 2:1s and 11 per cent bagged 2:2s.

Oak House

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Oak house has surprisingly few 2.2s compared to its's neighbour Owens park at only 17%. 36 per cent managed to crawl their way out of the Oak House party cesspit to achieve 2:1s and a better 15 per cent achieved Firsts.

Denmark Road

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Apparently being out of the Fallowfield bubble isn't always a good thing. 10 per cent of freshers from Denmark Road achieved Firsts, 22 per cent got 2:1s: but a small eight per cent achieved 2:2s.

Wright Robinson Hall

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Wright Robinson Halls, as bizarre, outlandish, and reclusive as you can imagine, and students from there got 34 per cent Firsts, 29 per cent 2:1s, and 14 per cent 2:2s. Not bad.

Woolton Hall

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Woolton hall, despite the pretty copper roofs and tree surrounded nature did very poorly, achieving close to the fewest firsts at 12% and close to the most thirds at 8%. 2.2s and 2.1s are more standard at 14% and 35% respectively.