Students who owe university fines will not get their exam results released today

SALC results will be released at 5pm

Students at The University of Manchester who own the university fines will not have their exam results released today, an email from the School of Arts, Languages and Cultures has confirmed.

This includes unpaid fines, university halls of residences debt, and tuition fees debt.

The email reads: "Please Note: Students with a negative service indicator against their record (e.g. tuition fees debt/halls of residence debt/unpaid fines etc.) will be unable to view results on-line until the outstanding debt is cleared from your account. Please contact the Credit Control Team for assistance with this matter."

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SALC also stated in their email that there is a time frame in which students can receive feedback on their results and advice on next steps between Monday 25th February and Friday 8th March.

There is concern that students who are unable to pay their outstanding debt before this deadline will miss the opportunity for feedback on their results.

Charlotte, a third year student at The University of Manchester told The Manchester Tab that she was denied access to her first year exam results due to outstanding fines.

She said: "My account was blocked in first year because Student Finance didn't approve my application for funding until well after Easter.

"I had failed anyway but it was still pretty stressful".

Semester one exam results for students who do not owe the university fines studying with SALC will be released today at 5pm.

The University of Manchester have been contacted for comment.