Angry driver tries to run people over outside MMU halls

Video footage of the attack was shared on Twitter

A man was run over in a hit and run attack outside student halls at Manchester Metropolitan University's Birley Fields Campus, after running from a car being repeatedly rammed. The full video is on The Manchester Tab Instagram story.

The driver of the stricken vehicle jumps out and can be seen running along Stretford Road, when the black car is deliberately driven at him, knocking him into the air.

The black car then reverses back towards a junction, and its tyres can be heard screeching as it makes off along a side road.

A witness told The Manchester Tab the driver of the silver car stopped to intervene when seeing the "two lads from the Audi" appearing to abuse a homeless man in the street.

The witness said: "After he got out to confront them there was a bit of shouting, which is when I stuck my head out the window. I saw a glass bottle thrown from the Audi at the other car, it didn’t smash and so the driver of the other car got out and threw it back".

The bottle then smashed, which can be heard at the start of the video.

The witness claims that when police arrived the victim of the hit and run "seemed fine and said he only had a sore wrist".

The video was posted online just after midnight last night.

It was reported on social media that the people involved were throwing bottles at each other's cars before the video started, and that police arrived a few minutes after the attack.

The incident took place metres from the iconic Hulme Arch bridge.

Greater Manchester Police and Manchester Metropolitan University have been contacted for comment.

To see the video in full, visit The Manchester Tab on Instagram.