Best dressed at Motherfunkers: Hidden Edition

Funky beats and fresh garms

Motherfunkers End of Exams Escapade last night featured students blowing off steam in a long overdue post-exams sesh, and any Manchester student does so in style.

Bralettes are back, flares never left, there's classic all black all day long outfits, and more. Here's the official best dressed at Motherfunkers: Hidden Edition.

Niamh, Phoebe, Lea, Em, and Lara

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Anya Lyons

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embracing neon szn⚡️

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Holly, Jamie, and Susannah

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All black is always a big mood

Alice, Brooke, and Lydia

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Bralettes, baby

Louis Byrne, 22

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Red Stripe is a vibe, not just a drink

Biruk Solomon, 18

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Putting the multicoloured walls to shame with serious shirt game

Warren Reilly, 21

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Now THAT'S layering

Niamh O'Donovan, 19

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Because more is more

Harriet Kiernan, 21

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Velvet dreams

James Evans, 21

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Northern Quarter vibes personified

Laura and Phillippa

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Discoballs are love

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