Motherfunkers have called out Antwerp Mansion for ‘ripping off’ their brand


In a public Facebook post yesterday, Motherfunkers called out Antwerp Mansion for "ripping off" their brand in a new event.

Motherfunkers have accused the event as a "literal copy and paste job" and "a steaming pile of plagiarism".

This comes after Antwerp promoted their newest endeavour since they were forced to restrict their opening hours from 7pm – 11pm: a Funked Up Valentines event on Friday 15th February at their new venue The Bread Shed.

Shout out to Antwerp Mansion and The Bread Shed Manchester for this MotherFunkers tribute night!! Could have spoken to…

Posted by MotherFunkers on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The event description of Funked Up Valentines says: "It’s time to blow away the winter blues, get on the glam and strut onto the dancefloor. We’ll be turning the Shed into a kaleidoscope of colour, glitter, confetti and fun for the night – expect a carnival atmosphere and plenty of funky surprises", offering tickets on Skiddle from £1.

In the post, Motherfunkers said: "Shout out to Antwerp Mansion and The Bread Shed Manchester for this MotherFunkers tribute night!! Could have spoken to us before going live with an event that's a literal copy and paste job (the font kinda gives it away) but I suppose if you're so lacking in imagination that you have to rip off a brand that's been around for three years things must be pretty bleak…"

According to Sarah Florence from Motherfunkers, the Funked Up Valentines logo uses the same font and branding as Motherfunkers. In a public statement on her Facebook profile, Sarah also said: "By all means, create a funk and soul night, but please don't plagiarise my logo and use a poorly edited version of the description I have written on Motherfunkers events multiple times. This is a weak, cheap impersonation. At the very least change the font, yeah?"

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Motherfunkers will be hosting an authentic Motherfunkers event in Manchester on Wednesday 6th February at Hidden. The event description reads: "Say goodbye to exam stress in the best way possible – dress up and get down and get your groove on, the End of Exams Escapade is here! As always you can expect stiltwalkers, psychedelic decor, performers, free sweets and a whole lot more…"

The Manchester Tab reached out to Antwerp Mansion, but they declined to comment.