A woman in her late teens was raped on the Fallowfield Loop this morning

It happened at 5am

A woman in her late teens is confirmed to have been raped on the Fallowfield Loop at 5am yesterday, police confirm.

The woman was in a parked car with a male friend when two masked men, one said to be carrying a firearm, approached them.

After police were alerted to concerns over a woman's welfare yesterday morning, The Manchester Evening News confirmed that while the friend confronted and chased the group away, the woman hid herself, but was subsequently raped by one of the men.

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The area where the woman was attacked

The area is still cordoned off while investigations continue, and the woman is being treated by specially trained officers.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Detective Inspector Chris Potter said: "I would like to reassure the public that additional officers will be patrolling the area, whilst detectives are working extremely hard to understand what has happened, which at this stage is believed to be an isolated incident."

If you have any more information about this incident please email [email protected]