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Third year MMU students wake up to find graffiti of penises on their front doors in Fallowfield

Phallicfield at its finest

Sunday morning hangovers never come easy. For the students on Ladybarn Road, Fallowfield who woke up this morning to find that graffiti of penises had been painted on their front doors, it wasn't the best wake up.

The incident was posted on FSG (Fallowfield Students Group) by third year student Esme Windsor, with the caption: "It seems that somebody has sprayed phallic symbols on every single door on Ladybarn Road, and for this we say thank you. Because fairs, like, not even mad, quite comical for a Sunday morning actually, HOWEVER, what the fuck sort of willies have you seen? Granted you didn’t have a lot of time but these are questionable."

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Speaking to The Manchester Tab, Esme said: "We have emailed our landlord but he is yet to reply. We aren't too bothered about when it gets sorted out it's not bothering us really. We think it's pretty funny".

Esme said she had no idea who did the graffiti, but that some older local residents also had their doors graffitied on and were less than impressed by the door phallus. Yikes.

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