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Freshers kidnapped in City Centre and forced to withdraw thousands of pounds

Police discovered a terrified first year who had been forced into the back of an Audi A6


Greater Manchester Police are investigating four reports that first year students were kidnapped and forced to hand over thousands in pounds in cash to their attackers.

Police came across one nineteen-year-old fresher who had been forced into the back of a car on Lloyd Street North, close to Denmark Road Sanctuary Halls of Residence.

Other students were lured into the vehicle and forced to make online bank transfers of up to £3,000 before being let out of the vehicle.

Once kidnapped, students were also driven to ATMs and made to withdraw cash, then withdraw again after midnight, and were even forced to pay to fill up the vehicle with petrol.

Greater Manchester Police have arrested four men, aged 18, 19, 23 and 25 on suspicion of robbery.

It is thought that the kidnappers were targeting students due to many receiving their student loans this week.

GMP are yet to release statements. Updates to follow.