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Here’s how to beat the post-Parklife blues

Only 365 days to wait ’til the next one

Is anyone else complegtely gutted that Parklife is over for another year? There's something about thousands of glittery, sweaty bodies all convening in Heaton Park, thumping bass and magical sunshine that makes you feel like you don't have a single care in the world. And probably never will again.

Of course, the party inevitably ends and Monday morning hits. Although most carried on partying long after LG left the stage, Parklife sadly can't live forever. But going cold turkey never helped anyone, so follow these steps to ease out of your Parklife blues and back to normal (boring) life.

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Until next year sweet prince x

Don't take your wristband off. Ever.

Even if it gets really gross. Keeping your wristband on from pretty much any event is absolutely essential. The wristband that slowly gets rattier and more disgusting as it soaks up all your sweat and the germs from anything you touch is a permanent reminder to you, and everyone else that you were there. It's also very aesthetic.

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Just because you're not at Parklife anymore, doesn't mean you have to dress down

Who said bucket hats and glitter were just for Parklife? In fact, a bucket hat is a very practical item of clothing. And it's 2018, we can wear glitter on our faces to Sainsbury's if we want. It's a lewk. Maintaining the festival aesthetic for as long as possible not only looks super cool, it saves time doing boring and non-festival vibes things, like laundry and showering.

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Drink all of your drinks out of a paper cup

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Three beers is a bit excessive isn't it?

Morning coffee? Paper Carlsberg cup please. Protein shake after the gym? Paper Carlsberg cup. Glass of wine with dinner? You got it – Carlsberg cup it is. You paid six pounds for that beer, keep that cup with you as long as you can. Granted, this may give off the vibe that you have a drinking problem, but this is all part of the Parklife recovery process.

Never take your sunglasses off

The trick with this one is that everyone will think you're super cool, but really you're just covering up your puffy red eyes from crying over the end of Parklife.

Eat some vegetables

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Trust me, you need it.