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In memoriam of Antwerp Mansion: Student life won’t be the same without it

It’s undoubtedly one of Manchester’s most iconic student venues

Few clubs divide opinion as much as Antwerp Mansion – but its appeal can't be denied. It's the club you'll probably take your mates to when they visit for a night out, one of the few good places to go without making the trek into town, and it doesn't rip you off for drinks.

So the news that it is being forced to close down next month comes as a blow. There's no denying that the closure will change student life in Manchester, and so below we've broken down all the reasons we'll miss the club that everyone has something to say about.

It's a unique venue

A big part of Antwerp's appeal is that it stands out from the crowd: who wants to spend nights out at the likes of Deansgate (and probably get your phone nicked), Factory (and have the ceiling collapse on you) and Fifth (and listen to a glorified Spotify playlist all night), when you can enjoy a night out in the old Belgian embassy?

It's home to some of the best student nights in the city

Applebum, MotherFunkers, Triple Cooked, Rum & Bass, Rubix Cube, the list goes on. If you're quick and manage to snag a ticket on first release, most of these won't break the bank. There's not many clubs that boast so many quality regular events, as well as attracting a wide array of DJ's – B.Traits, Preditah and DJ Q are just some of the upcoming artists set to play before the closure.

Red Stripe? What of it mate

Pretty much anything goes

Antwerp is one of the few places where you can do pretty much whatever you want. It has a reputation for being pretentious, but let's face it: you can wear pretty much anything and no one will bat an eyelid, no one will laugh at your dancing/fist pumping/head bopping, and you can pretty much just have as much fun as you want.


The people who don't stop going on about how much they go to Antwerp will now have nothing to talk about

"Oh, did someone say Antwerp? Yeah safe mate I went there like 3 times last week hahaha, I'm basically a regular. I've got the bouncers on Facebook and everything, we're tight."

It doesn't matter if you never even mentioned Antwerp – they will bring it up anyway. Now, however, they're going to be stuck for conversation, forever reminding you of "that night at Antwerp" and "the good old days", wiping away a single tear from their eye as they do so.

We're here every week

The people who hate Antwerp will have nothing to complain about

"Ugh, did someone say Antwerp? That place is like, so grim. Do they even have proper toilets? And everyone who goes there tries so hard to look edgy – pathetic. Can't wait to smash Fifth again this week though."

The complete opposite of the I Heart Antwerp brigade, these people are ultimately just as annoying. They take every opportunity to slate it, judging you for your choices as they tell you why it's a dump and why they'll never go there again.

News flash: No one cares.

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You don't even need to get the bus

It's literally just up the road.

But you should just get it anyway because it's fun x

It's hard to see what will replace it

Within the Fallowfield area, Cubo is too small, Revs too expensive, and the rest are mainly bars (unless you fancy 90's v. 00's night in 256). Rest in peace Antwerp – you will be missed.

Third year English Literature and American Studies student Romy told The Tab Manchester: "It's a real shame to see Antwerp being forced to close as it's always been a great night out, from first year through to final, as there's something for everyone. It's particularly sad as I thought security had improved, and I hope, if possible, a resolution can be reached."

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