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What we know so far about the closure of Antwerp Mansion

The venue has received ‘persistent and consistent’ complaints

It was revealed yesterday that Antwerp Mansion would be closing permanently in one month due to a closure notice issued by Manchester City Council Planning Department.

Although events at the club are believed to be going ahead until its closure, more information about the reasoning for it is yet to appear from the Mansion's staff.

According to documents available on the Manchester City Council's website, the venue was changed from a "Conservative Club" to a nightclub without permission from the council.

It states: "The Council considers that it is expedient to issue this notice because the use of this premises as a nightclub is harmful to the amenity of neighbouring residents due to the noise and the frequency of late night events, the duration of those events and the numbers of customers coming and going at the site."

With regards to the complaints made by local people, the documents state: "Persistent and consistent complaints have to been made to the authority due to the perceived impact of noise and disturbance, which has resulted in the issuing of a noise abatement notice in September 2017."

Due to this notice, the venue must be closed as a nightclub permanently in one month.

Additionally, retrospective planning permission was applied for to build a fire escape for the outside of the building. This request was rejected.

It states on the form: "The proposed fire escape by reason of its scale, design and choice of materials forms an over dominant and intrusive feature to the detriment of this non listed heritage asset and the wider Victoria Park Conservation Area."

Photographs of the building of this fire escape seen on the council website would suggest that work began without planning permission, and the council had to step in.

The owners of Antwerp Mansion must now remove the unfinished fire escape within three months of the notice which became active on 10th January 2018.

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