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It’s official: Alex Burke is Manchester’s most eligible bachelor

Your king has been crowned with 4,733 votes


The Tab Manchester's most eligible bachelor has finally been crowned in one of the hottest finals ever. Five bachelors battled it out but only one could become your king.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Alex Burke.

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For a while, Alex was the underdog, being 30 votes behind with three days to go before the deadline. However, he made an astonishing comeback, winning by a whopping 2,163 votes to become Manchester's most eligible bachelor.

We got in touch with Alex, a Politics and Sociology third year, to find out how he feels about his win.

How does it feel?

"Somewhere in between Everton away and City away last season."

Were you expecting it?

"With a face like mine, winning this competition was inevitable."

Who do you have to thank?

"Biggest mention has to go to all the Shed End boys who tirelessly campaigned for me. Thank you also to Will Ryan for nominating me. He’s a pretty average looking chap but he’s bloody desperate for a girlfriend (man) so keep an eye out for the lanky geezer with that ridiculous bowl cut. Let’s make it a ting."

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Have you had much of a reaction?

"No, I’m still lonely."

Where are you taking your career?

"I’m Chelsea’s top boy and Student Soccer’s top boy. Don’t really know how I could take my career further."

What kind of dates do you do?

"I’ll happily take you ladies anywhere round Europe. I’m doing Barcelona next month so any birds are welcome to join me. I certainly can’t promise you gothic architecture and tapas, but what I can promise is an all day sniff up and Danny Drinkwater banging in a last minute winner to unleash some serious limbs up in the gods of Camp Nou. Chelsea."

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Are you looking to stay a bachelor?

"Does a bear shit in the woods? A Casanova like me needs to stay single."

How are you going to celebrate?

"How I celebrate any good occasion, by letting off a smoke grenade."

How should ladies go about winning your heart?

"Be a Chelsea fan."