Uni of Manchester grads are the most employable in the country so we can all relax

We beat Birmingham and Warwick

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Enjoying life as a student? Terrified of the looming prospect of having to leave the student bubble and find employment in the real world? If you're a University of Manchester student, you're in luck (soz MMU.)

According to The Graduate Market in 2018 report conducted by High Fliers Research, the university ranked top of the list for employers when recruiting for graduate jobs in 2017-2018. Second from the top was Birmingham, with Warwick ranking third.

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Advertising employment opportunities can be time-consuming and costly, so graduate employers target a select number of universities when recruiting- which is bad news for everyone else, but works out pretty great for Uni of Manchester graduates.

Tammy Goldfield, Head of the Careers Service at the University, said that the University puts a lot of effort "to ensure that careers fairs and workshops are busy and offer high quality jobs".

So now you'll have something to say next time the folks back home bring up those pesky post-uni plans: "Check the league boards Mum, I'm in demand."

For more details about how the University offers graduate support, visit www.careers.manchester.ac.uk

For a closer look at the report, check out www.highfliers.co.uk