Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelor: heat two

Fresh Fallow fitties

Steven Spittles, MMU, Business

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Steve is a big lad with a bigger heart who just can’t find a girl that he really wants. Available 24 hours a day.

Joshua Chan, UoM, Dentistry

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Lives in a penthouse, breezes through his course, wears fancy shoes and knows how to wine and dine his girls in the poshest places in Manchester.

Josh Clayton, MMU, Business

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Born and bred in Cambridge, that should be enough shouldn't it?

Jordan Rumley, UoM, Accounting

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He's a model don't you know…

Jonny Virgo, UoM, PPE

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He's fun, he's flirty and most importantly he's fit. An intelligent young Cambridgeshire man, on track for a first in PPE, who enjoys talking to older women in jazz bars over glasses of Merlot. He wants someone he can cook dinner for and sit down with some wine and watch a romantic film, someone he can show off his grade 8 piano skills to, someone he can woo using his fluent French, or someone he can splash some cash on that he earned being a sous-chef over summer.

Eamónn Kearney, MMU, Politics

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Eamónn is a kind, lovable giant. Being from the Midlands he has a love of sport, music and is very cultured. Aston Villa is the love of his life, his second love is cooking. You'll usually find him in the kitchen cooking pasta based dishes.