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Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette: heat two

Don’t Cha wish your girlfriend was hot like these gals


Camilla Jackson, MMU, Fashion Buying and Merchandising

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She’s a bit dim but she’ll knock your socks off. She would do anything for a mate without hesitation.

Laura Tynan, MMU, English and Creative Writing

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Alice Coulter, UoM, Law and Criminology

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This Northern Irish gal is newly single and ready to mingle.

Ellie Boyer, MMU, Mathematics

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Not only is Ellie’s Manchester’s sexiest mathematician, she is the most in-demand female on Factory second floor. Ellie has the brains of a female Brian cox, loves a party, loves an equation.

Claudia Sarmiento, UoM, Engineering

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She’s fit, newly single and a little pocket rocket.

Mel Cattell, UoM, Computer Science and Maths

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A stand out choice for anyone who loves a Scouse accent. Loves a trip to Spoons, but is likely to end up in 42s and not remember. Luckily, she will look peng while she does it.