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Yorkshire Pudding burgers have landed in Manchester

You can buy one for £8 from Joshua Brooks

Ever fancied an entire Christmas dinner crammed into a burger? Well now you can get one, thanks to Joshua Brooks.

The "All I Want for Christmas" burger has been carefully crafted by their Big Grillie Style food team who have squeezed all the festive trimmings in between two Yorkshire puddings.

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The dish includes a turkey burger, a sage and onion patty, cranberry sauce, truffled parsnips and pigs in blankets, placed between two golden Yorkshire puddings with a side of extra truffled parsnip crisps and gravy. It has been described as "absolutely amazing" by the owner of Joshua Brooks, Alex Applegarth. He told The Tab Manchester:

"I thought about a number of things for Xmas but for me the Xmas wrap was old news. I made a video with LADBible in 2015 that we called the Roast Dinner Burrito so I wanted something more innovative. I think this hits the spot. It's my favourite bits of Xmas dinner in a handy (albeit messy) format. And it tastes absolutely amazing. The truffled parsnip crisps are unbelievably good too."

The festive goodness doesn't stop there – 10 per cent of all proceeds from sales of the "All I Want for Christmas" Burger will go to a homelessness charity, so you can feel festive and donate to charity this Christmas. Priced at £8, they go on sale on 6th December so get yourself down to Princess Street and bag yourself one!