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This MMU student has started a Go Fund Me page after his teeth were knocked out in a mugging

The student was attacked in Withington

Man Met student, Norton Finn Robinson, has started a Go Fund Me page to pay for a tooth replacement after he was mugged on his way home in Withington.

Norton, who studies Sculpture and Art, described how he was "pulled off of the main road and into an alley" in the early hours of Sunday morning by three men as he was making his way back from the city centre to Withington. He was then "beaten, punched, kicked and pulled around", his phone and wallet were stolen and his front tooth was knocked out.

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Not only is Norton unable to return to work before Christmas because of the severe bruising, but after deferring a year of uni, he is no longer regarded as a student and therefore the NHS won't pay for a replacement tooth.

As a result, Norton has started a Go Fund Me page with a £500 goal to replace his front tooth in time for Christmas, because as he stated on the page: "Baby all I want for Christmas is a new tooth".

With £470 left to raise, all proceeds will go to funding a new tooth for Norton but "any additional funding will allow (him) to get it in silver, gold, platinum, diamond, the sky's the limit".

If you want to support Norton in his quest for a new tooth, you can access his Go Fund Me page here.