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Everything that happens to you in third year

Don’t even mention graduation

So you suddenly realise that this it. The year that everyone warns you about. Third year is the pinnacle of your university career, where you're supposed to have met your soulmate, your lifelong best friends and graduate with a 2:1 and a grad scheme waiting for you. But this is what really happens:

The fear of not living with your housemates anymore kicks in

By now you'll have found the perfect group of people to live with . The idea of not seeing them everyday is horrible. You'll have proper jobs and spontaneous nights out on a Tuesday will be a distant memory. You deliberately avoid any conversations about "what are you going to do next year?"

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Where am I actually going to live after graduation?

By third year your house will be spot on, you've shopped around and finally got the best. But now, you don't have to look for a student house anymore, you need to decide where you're going to settle down and get a proper adult flat. You're also going to have to pay rent with no help of a student loan. Gulp.

You'll have to start applying for real jobs

You've spent three years trying to figure out what you want to do after uni, and probably still have no idea. You've forgotten what a nine to five day looks like, the thought of a full time job freaks you out. What if you don't get a job? Move back home with mum and dad? No thanks.

You'll either live in the library or spend your time feeling guilty that you're not in the library

The dreaded dissertation. Plus everything else that you have to do. All of a sudden you're never on top of uni work: there's ALWAYS more that needs doing. Life is a constant battle between deciding when you can fit in doing work and still having a social life.

You'll suddenly find motivation that you never had before

Missing a lecture or seminar will become rare. The guilt will kick in and you'll be emailing your lecturer sincere apology emails asking for extra work to catch up on just to make up for it.

Freshers will annoy you

All of a sudden you're a little bit older, wiser and grumpier. You can't tolerate drunken freshers on the bus, you just want to go to bed and get an early night. Why are they all so excited all the time? You were never like that (you probably were).

Staying at home watching Grand Designs is much more appealing than going out

It's a lot harder to bounce back from a hangover now you've reached third year. A night out needs careful planning so that you don't have to do anything for at least 24 hours after. Sitting in front of the TV with food and a cuppa sounds much more like it.

You wish you could go back to first and second year and party a little bit harder

What you'd give to go back and do it all again. You should've listened to the third years who warned you before. Realisation kicks in that the past two years were so easy compared to this year and you could've gone to the pub more.

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