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These students found a human poo in their postbox

There’s evidence that someone may have been living in there

A group of second year MMU students living in Rusholme have exclusively revealed to The Tab that someone has pooed in their postbox.

The students, whose house is fitted with a postbox for their mail instead of a conventional letter box, had noticed several people loitering outside of their home the previous night which caused some concern, although it is assumed that the phantom postbox pooer struck during the day.

James, one of the residents, told us: "We had just been to the shop and on the way back we noticed a load of flies outside our house.

"They seemed to be coming out of the post box and we were really on edge about what was inside and when we opened it, there was a human poo on the floor."

On discovering the poo, the residents state that they were "completely disgusted."

Their landlord organised for a team of professional cleaners to dispose of the poo and they reported during the clean-up that other items were found, including drug paraphernalia. The discoveries suggest that someone may have been living in the postbox, right under the students' noses.

The Tab Manchester recently reported a story from the same flat, where police had turned up with a search warrant to look for an illegal immigrant they believed to be living there. We're now starting to wonder, could this illegal immigrant have been living in their postbox? I'm afraid we'll never know.

One of the housemates said: "The other stuff in there made me think that whoever did it could have actually been camping out in our post box, and to be honest it was a bit scary."

The students have confirmed that the post box has since been boarded up so that no one can access it, and a conventional letter box in the door has been fitted since, which is so far poo free.